Giants Stadium — The Beginning of the End

MetroBull fans might’ve preferred a dramatic implosion, but they’ll have to settle for the piece-by-piece demolition of Giants Stadium now under way in East Rutherford, N.J. 

A claw attached to a crane began the process earlier today, clipping out chunks of concrete from one of the four circular entrance ramps. The job will take four months.

And hey, you know that seat in Section 112, from which you watched the Red Bulls give up 89th- and 91st-minute goals to lose to D.C. United in April 2009? That seat can be yours, for posterity, as the stadium seats, along with sections of the field, will be sold as memorabilia.

We don’t think it’s a stretch to say that this venue, with the various soccer-unfriendly surfaces it housed, the scorching heat it generated in the summer (along with occasional Nor’easter winds in March and October), its cavernous empty spaces, and the hassle of traveling to its North Jersey marshland location, was a significant factor in the franchise’s woeful history.

Red Bulls fans are no doubt saying ‘good riddance’ and looking to the future at gleaming new Red Bull Arena, set for its grand opening on March 20, when RBNY hosts Brazilian club Santos and its new signing Robinho.


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