Blast from the Past: George Best in the NASL

Day job’s got us pinned down like Gulliver today, but we’ll have some MLS updates and a Yanks-in-England preview up later, along with a potential new feature suggested by libidinous reader The Colorado Keeper.

In the meantime, enjoy this bit of magic from George Best, playing for the first-edition San Jose Earthquakes in 1981 against the Fort Lauderdale Strikers (and note the 35-yard line that the NASL used for offside back then):


4 comments on “Blast from the Past: George Best in the NASL

  1. Dave says:

    Can you believe there were less than 12,000 people at that game? With George still capable of pulling moves like that…

  2. that’s like the kid who is the best on the field in a U-10 League.

  3. dhd says:

    He looked like Pele making moves that they showed you in soccer camp training videos. Never saw G. Best unfortunately.

  4. Michael Hines says:

    “I spent most of my money on booze, fast cars, and birds…I wasted the rest.” — George Best

    Best was mercurial, deadly, and nothing short of a striker’s striker. It’s a pity he was born in the North and not in the Republic because we never got to see his exploits on the worlds greatest stage. Did have some incredible moments in the Euros and for Man United though. Just think that was the tail end of his career and he still made it look like what KR said, the one 10 year old who figured it out already. Probably the craftiest player short of Jimmy Jinky Johnstone. If you like best check him out:

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