Let Us Now Praise Leo Messi

We haven’t covered Lionel Messi‘s white-hot form for Barca this season, because it’s not really on our beat (see above), but after yesterday’s four-goal display against Arsenal in the Champions League quarterfinals, we can no longer resist.

Added to his season-long performance—which has included a three-game stretch in which he scored three goals in one game, two and an assist in the next, and then three in the game after that—it puts him firmly in soccer’s pantheon alongside the likes of Pelé, Maradona, and Zidane. Enjoy (before a UEFA copyright claim blacks it out):

“Le souper hat-trick! Le souper hat-trick! Le souper hat-trick!”


4 comments on “Let Us Now Praise Leo Messi

  1. M says:

    The performance yesterday was simply stunning. What a joy to watch. The skill to chip the keeper while dribbling at full speed was awesome.

  2. When i coach my young keepers on how to defend breakaways, and i urge them to come out of their goal and pressure the dribbler, they always say, “but i will get chipped.” And i say: “do you have any idea how hard it is to run at full speed and chip it over hte goalie but not over the goal.” Messi made that look really easy. And go back to that first goal and check out how quickly he got his feet in position to hammer it after the deflection. Also, one last thing, but 2 goals were left footed and 2 right footed i believe. This guy’s not bad.
    thanks for sharing

  3. Chris says:

    The skill to dribble at full speed (forget about the chip) now seems awesome to me. Watching this guy is like watching a video game. It just doesn’t seem real. So true about the first goal. He moved his feet so quickly to get in position and then left his feet crushing it. He’s the best ever.

  4. Feni says:

    Messi has an advanced computer in his cranium…and he processes what’s around him faster than any other player still playing…and has the skill to back up those decisions.

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