Hull Ties Wigan 2-2, Officially Relegated

With a deficit in goal difference of -23 to West Ham going into the match, Hull was effectively relegated before today’s meeting with Wigan, but now, it’s official: after a 2-2 draw with the Latics, the Tigers are going down.

Hull gave up a stoppage-time equalizer to Wigan’s Steve Gohouri, and now have no mathematical chance of catching West Ham.

U.S. striker Jozy Altidore was suspsended for the match, and according to some reports, has already been shipped back to Villareal (and fined for his actions last week against Sunderland).

A terrible ending to a mediocre season for Altidore. He scored just two goals in all competitions, and never nailed down a starting spot. On the other hand, the Tigers have been awful over all in 2010, and their forwards starved of decent service. The team has 34 goals this year, the same total as last-place Portsmouth.

Altidore will no doubt be eager to forget this season, get into camp with the U.S. national team, and look for redemption at South Africa 2010.

3 comments on “Hull Ties Wigan 2-2, Officially Relegated

  1. Chris says:

    I’m told that Altidore is very good, but I still don’t see it. He’s at best a substitute for a b-level team, scoring two goals this season. McBride, who was never touted in the way Altidore has been, scored 12 goals in a single season for Fulham. And Altidore is our only hope up top this summer? Wynalda was better. We’re behind where we were 10 years ago. We need to put Dempsey up top either with or without Altidore. And hopefully Davies can make a miraculous return.

  2. OMATV says:

    Ian Dowie is the Herman Hreidasson of management. 3 relegations in 5 seasons? Why do teams continue to hire him?

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