Davies Rips Sochaux Over World Cup Exclusion

Brutally handsome reader Mike G points us to this story on Charlie Davies’ appearance late yesterday on French radio station RMC.

Davies told the station that Sochaux president Alexandre Lacombe wrote to U.S. Soccer without informing him, telling Yank brass that Davies was not fit enough to play at South Africa 2010 and that the club would not medically clear him for the tournament. Yow.

The disappointed striker further said that he was angry, and that while he wasn’t 100% fit at the moment,

“… I feel that by the time our World Cup camp starts next week I would be at a level where I can compete for one of the forward spots. [And] by the first game against England, I feel I would be able to be at 100 percent and really contribute for the national team. So for me not being able to get a chance is very painful.”

It’s a tough one for Davies and for the U.S. national team. There is simply no one of his caliber to step in at forward. But looky here! There is still an outside chance that Davies could make the team as an 11th-hour replacement (see last bullet point, and tip o the hat to Our Man at the Valley).

3 comments on “Davies Rips Sochaux Over World Cup Exclusion

  1. Chris says:

    I was pulling for Davies. I wish he were 100% but he may never be 100% again. And I may sound heartless, but I have a hard time feeling sorry for him. He was young and stupid (as we all were / are), but he made some bad choices. He was out way past curfew before a qualification game for the tourney that he is mourning over missing.

  2. OMATV says:

    Brutally handsome? Is that a compliment?

  3. Pedro says:

    His wife is terminally pretty, too.

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