Larissa Riquelme Wins Legions of New Fans for Her Country, Nearly Breaks Google Image Search, with Promise to Run Naked if Paraguay Wins

Busty, budding Paraguay superfan Larissa Riquelme—that’s her up there, and here, and here—has promised to run naked through the streets if her country wins the World Cup.

Her vow came about in response to an identical one made by Argentina coach Diego Maradona.

Their pledges may be identical, but the outcomes, in terms of spectator satisfaction, would be polar opposites.

And not only is Riquelme sadly far less likely to have to make good on this than Maradona (shudder)—because Paraguay is going to lose to Spain on Saturday—but she added a caveat: She says she’ll do it, but “with my body painted with the colors of Paraguay.” … Copout!

All right, Backpost is headed to the beach. We’ll try to post between tiny-umbrella-capped drinks over the holiday weekend.

In the meantime, here are our picks for the semifinals:





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