End of the Line for Liverpool’s Yank Owners?

The rocky ownership reign of Liverpool’s American owners Tom Hicks (left, enjoying a hot dog and an important phone call) and George Gillett, appears to be less than a month away from its conclusion.

The Guardian reported yesterday that the club’s loans with the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) have been placed into that institution’s “toxic-assets division,” which … well, we don’t speak finance, but that can’t be good.

Apparently, it’s not: the deadline for refinancing the loans—the duo owes £ 237.4 million to the bank—is October 6, and the Guardian is suggesting that’s the day Hicks and Gillett will be forced to sell the fabled club.

Perhaps that’s just as well, as the relationship between the owners and Scouse fans has been hostile from the get-go, with highlights including a supporters’ group calling Hicks and Gillett “a pair of liars” in an open letter to the head of the RBS, and Hicks’s son, Tom Jr., delivering a succinct, “Blow me, f*** face,” via email—this one here—to a badgering fan—a retort that got him relieved of his duties as an exec with the club.


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