This Actually Happened….

Former World Cup referee Byron Moreno—the man who officiated the U.S.’s 3-2 upset of Portugal in 2002, as well as South Korea’s controversial 2-1 win over Italy in the same tournament—was arrested at JFK airport late Monday night with 10 pounds of heroin attached to his body.

The money quote of the story comes from Moreno’s attorney, Michael Padden:

”I’m looking into the circumstances that led to this unfortunate situation.”

You do that, Mike. Let us know what you dig up.

The Ecuadorean former ref, who ejected Francesco Totti, disallowed an apparent Azzurri goal, and awarded South Korea a penalty in that Italy-South Korea game, was arrested by JFK customs agents after becoming “visibly nervous” during a “routine inspection.”

Moreno once added 11 minutes of stoppage time to a game in Ecuador’s domestic league, then failed to record the decision, leading to a 20-game suspension.

He is being held without bail on smuggling charges.


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