Your Move, Holloway

Last season, Wolves manager Mick McCarthy took home the honors for top quote in the Premiership, and it wasn’t even close. See here and here for just two examples of his postgame bon mots. He was the Tennyson of the Touchline in 2009-10.

This year, the promotion of Blackpool and its gabby manager Ian Holloway held out the promise of a two-horse race for the title. Some observers even predicted Holloway would run away with it, and he has gotten off to a strong start with last week’s “phantasmagorical” quote.

But this week, McCarthy served notice that he (literally) would not go quietly, offering up this gem to explain his selective hearing on the sidelines:

Matt Jarvis for England? Yes, I heard those chants. It’s when they sing ‘Mick McCarthy is a big-nose w@nker’ that I don’t hear the crowd.”

He’s back!

And still champ until someone knocks him off.

Tip of the hat to reader Old 27, who has the strength of 10 men.

One comment on “Your Move, Holloway

  1. omatv says:

    The strength of 10 men? Somebody get sent off?

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