Site News: “We’re taking our talents to Midtown”

This has been percolating for a few months, and today, it’s official: We are writing a weekly column for Major League Soccer.

It’s called Monday Postmortem, and it consists of analysis, insights, observations, and arcane sailing references as they relate to the most recent round of action in the league.

It will run every week on the MLS website, right about … here.

Please check it out weekly and weigh in on the comment boards!

We will still be crashing the Backpost on a daily basis (more or less), but every Monday, around coffee time, you can read us over there.

Thanks for your support. As you were.

Next up: Yanks in England weekend wrap.

4 comments on “Site News: “We’re taking our talents to Midtown”

  1. omatv says:

    since i can’t access the comments on the mls site, here’s what i would have written: what’s the structure of the playoffs? 2 games? 1 game? how are ties resolved?

  2. refbaiter says:

    Congrats BP. Giving you a column is the first good thing that the knucklehead who runs mls’ website has done. I guess lalas was sober for once.

  3. Master Tactician says:

    Re. the playoff format question, this is from the MLS website:

    “PLAYOFF FORMAT: Conference Semifinal series are conducted in a home-and-home, aggregate-goal format. The lower seeded team in the Conference Semifinal hosts the first game. The winners of those four series advance to single-game Conference Championships that will determine the MLS Cup finalists.

    “The team that scores the most goals in the home-and-home series advances to the single elimination Conference Championship. If the teams are tied after 180 minutes in the Conference Semifinal series, a 30-minute extra time period (divided into two 15-minute periods) will be played followed by kicks from the penalty mark, if necessary. The team with the higher seed between the two Conference finalists will host the Conference Championship game.

    In the case of ties after 90 minutes of regulation in the Eastern and Western Conference Championship games and MLS Cup, 30 minutes of extratime (divided into two 15-minute periods) is played followed by kicks from the penalty mark, if necessary, to determine the winners.”

  4. Curly G says:

    I am supposed to be a reasonably intelligent person but this is the most convoluting way to express a playoff. Truth is I’m still not sure how the playoffs are to be done.

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