Charlie Davies Opens Up, Tim Howard Covers Up (Barely) In Latest ESPN The Magazine

ESPN The Magazine’s “Body” issue came out yesterday, and the cover features U.S. national teamer Tim Howard wearing nothing but his goalkeeping gloves.

(We’d post the picture, but … see previous post re. technical difficulty. Probably a blessing in disguise in this case.)

This seems akin, to us anyway, of Tom Cruise doing a car commercial in Asia, or something. Howard is famous enough in the UK that to do something like this over there would be overkill; it would invite unwelcome scrutiny.

But here, where he’s not quite a household name, he can go ahead and overexpose himself, literally and figuratively, and it’ll only serve to boost his and soccer’s profile in the U.S.

Or something like that. It’s late and we’ve been battling technical glitches for much of the day.

U.S. striker Charlie Davies is also in the issue, one year removed from the car accident in Washington, DC, that left a fellow passenger dead and nearly killed him as well.

He talks about his recovery and displays the gnarly scar that runs the length of his abdomen and well below his waistline (ESPN is taking their “Body” theme to an extreme this year).

Davies talks about his harrowing first moments of consciousness following the wreck, his disappointment at not making it to South Africa, and how his background as a former wrestler has helped in his rehab.

He says he’s “almost there,” but that he has “no deadlines: I’ll be ready when I’m ready.”

Here is his favorite milestone in his recovery so far:

“In a late-April practice, my teammates had been taking it easy on me, not coming in hard on tackles. Then in a possession drill, big Loïc Poujol went in full force and got none of the ball and all of my right leg. I went flying—and popped back up with the biggest smile.”

Click here for the full article.

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