Red Sox Buy Liverpool, Announce Plans to Sell Gerrard to Everton to Finance West End Revival of “No, No, Nanette”

Sorry couldn’t resist—and we know, of course, that this Red Sox owner is the guy who helped break the Curse of the Bambino, not the one who started it.

But still, for hardcore Scousers, this is probably a case of out of the frying pan, into the fire. Yesterday, Liverpool’s board approved the sale of the team to New England (emphasis on New) Sports Ventures, an outfit headed by Boston Red Sox owner John W. Henry.

Yes, the debt-ridden Reds are going from one American ownership group (Tom Hicks and George Gillett) to another, pending approval by the Premier League, and a resolution of a legal dispute with Hicks and Gillett.

So what do the locals think of it? The response is surprisingly mixed; we expected reaction more in the vein of “Built By Shanks, Broke By Yanks.”

Let’s take a look:

 “Right royally rifled” just moved to the top of our list of go-to phrases for 2011.

NOTE: Our gracious and usually faultless hosts here at WordPress have been having major malfunctions today. We have been unable to access the BP mixing console all day, until now—and we’re still unable to post pictures, among other technical difficulties. Not good times.


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