Beckham to Host Saturday Night Live in Early 2011

According to the (always rigorous) British tabloid The Mirror, Los Angeles Galaxy midfielder David Beckham has been offered a hosting slot on Saturday Night Live, to air in early 2011.

Producers from the show were reportedly impressed with Beckham’s acting chops and comic timing in a recent hidden camera sketch he did on Ellen DeGeneres’s talk show. Here, see for yourself:

Beckham is pretty good, and the clip is amusing, even if it’s a total rip-off (and a watered-down version) of David Letterman’s brilliant on-the-town stunts with Rupert Jee back in the mid-90s:

But this is good news for Beckham’s Stateside profile, and potentially great news for MLS, especially if the Galaxy lift the trophy this year. Say the episode runs in February, during the 2011 MLS preseason. You’d have the most famous face in the league, as a reigning champ, promoting the upcoming season in a high-profile spot.


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