Timbers Unveil Official MLS Kits

Yesterday afternoon, in a 64,000-square-foot hangar at the Portland International Airport, the expansion Portland Timbers unveiled their 2011 MLS jerseys.

They chose the hangar as the site for the big reveal because it belongs to Horizon Air, a sister carrier to the Timbers’ jersey sponsor, Alaska Airlines, which, interestingly, is headquartered in Seattle, home to the Timbers’ fierce rivals Sounders FC.

In any event, here they are, ‘primary’ and ‘secondary’:

This one doesn’t do it for us. Maybe it’s that two-tone forest green. It recalls Slovenia and Australia at South Africa 2010—and look how their tournaments shaped up.

That heavy green looks leaden, somehow, like it would slow you down, even if you were speedy midfielder/defender Rodney Wallace.

Now this one is A-OK. The Rose City badge on the chest and Rose City stitching on the back neck are nice touches, as is the thorn stitching dividing the two tones of red, which are much, much easier on the eyes than the junior-high-school greens above.

The team opens a  Timbers retail store in downtown Portland today.


One comment on “Timbers Unveil Official MLS Kits

  1. refbaiter says:

    I like ’em. Though the two tone, center-split jerseys bring back some scary memories from MLS circa 1996. Remember the galaxy and mutiny monstrosities?

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