Digging Out

Hi there. We’re back. Backpost World HQ went into an unannounced hibernation to close out 2010.

We cleared the decks at the day job, then headed out on our annual two-week expedition to the North Country (are you familiar with the term cryptozoology? No? Never mind).

But we’re back, and fired up for 2011. While we were traveling, we did manage to crank out this, and this. The latter features a bit of misunderstood (or poorly executed?) irony that caused some fur to fly in the comments. Check it out for that, and to get caught up on the busy MLS offseason.

In any event, Happy New Year, and please keep checking back: We will now resume our (semi) regularly scheduled posting, starting with a quick-hit look at what we missed while we were away. Coming up soon.


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