Thierry Henry’s Knee: “Not there yet ….”

We came across the above quote in this ostensibly positive account of Thierry Henry’s first preseason camp with the Red Bulls, who opened training in Waldwick, N.J., this week.

We were breezing along, reading about how the 33-year-old striker is determined to help “finally bring that trophy that New York never won,” when we came across the following assessment of the knee injury that kept him out of the stretch run in 2010:

“[It’s] better, way better; not there yet to strike the ball too hard, but it’s hopefully something that’s in the past and hopefully will stay in the past—it’s way better.”

We dropped a Sheila Broflovski–style “What-what-what?!” when we read that.

Not there yet to strike the ball hard? Hopefully in the past? Hopefully will stay in the past?

None of that sounds very convincing, or, um, hopeful—or good for Red Bulls fans.

Henry has had nearly 12 weeks off (not counting his training stint with Arsenal in London last week). He could have had surgery on his injured knee and been in the above condition by now. How is he not 100% healthy?

If we were gambling types, we’d bet there’s more to this story than we’ve been told.

And the longer this sort of thing keeps up, the closer Henry’s MLS career comes to being Beckham-esque—minus the English icon’s far-reaching PR boost.


One comment on “Thierry Henry’s Knee: “Not there yet ….”

  1. refbaiter says:

    I was thinkging the same thing. If it was an MCL or meniscus, why wasn’t it fixed? I am hoping he is just being cautious. If it was serious, he would presumably never have trained with arsenal. This also suggests that he had no business playing in last season’s final few games.

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