Look What the Cat Dragged In….

Mr. David Beckham graced the Home Depot Center and the Los Angeles Galaxy with his presence today, participating in his first preseason training session of 2011 with his MLS employers.

He also posted a newsflash for the attending media: His focus has been with the Galaxy all along! Who knew? From the MLS website:

“My main objective was to get fit for the Galaxy and for the MLS season,” Beckham said after training. “My main objective wasn’t to play for a Premiership team. Even if I would have been on loan, even if I would have played the games, this is the time I was always going to come back.”

That quote could make a good launch point for Seth Myers’ “Really!?!” segment on SNL‘s “Weekend Update.”

But before we go judging Becks (any further), check out Landon Donovan rushing to his teammate’s defense with a bold “none of us should judge Beckham” for his offseason choices. “The only person who knows what’s going on and what the real story is,” Donovan proclaimed, “is David.”

Really, Landon?

The Galaxy heads to Georgia early next week for the Atlanta Pro Soccer Challenge preseason tourney.


One comment on “Look What the Cat Dragged In….

  1. RefBaiter says:

    Landon has learned to be a diplomat in his old age.

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