Quote of the Day: Who Said it?

Here is a former U.S. international and MLS veteran who switched clubs in the offseason, discussing his search for a new home for his family:

“I’m doing it old-school. I’m riding around on my skateboard, pulling down for-rent signs and calling people. I’ve got my gravity board and I’m just cruising around. I remember doing that in college, riding around and looking for a place to live. It’s 15, 20 years later, and I’m doing the exact same thing.”

Yes, except now you have a wife and two kids.

Not that we’re judging; far from it: we approve of both the quote and the house-hunting method.

So, Backpost readers, who said it?

(We’d give you a hint but, really, it’s all there in the quote.)

3 comments on “Quote of the Day: Who Said it?

  1. abes army says:

    sounds like HeyDude to me.

  2. Master Tactician says:

    I second that: Gotta be Frankie.

  3. refbaiter says:

    Lay up – must be frankie. Test us, BP

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