Swiss Journalists Detained for 13 Days in Qatar

Those scamps in Qatar/Cutter are in the news again, less than a month after their “artificial cloud” “solution” to the problem of staging soccer games in the otherworldly summer heat of their nation.

This time they’ve stumbled upon a teachable moment regarding treatment of the many guests expected to visit their country for the 2022 World Cup: Don’t arrest and detain foreign journalists for two weeks without cause. It reflects badly on your hospitality skills.

Swiss television station RTS claims that two of its sports reporters, in Qatar filming a report on the 2022 World Cup, were arrested, handcuffed, and interrogated for several hours at a local police station.

After being transferred to another station for further questioning, they went in front of a judge, were forced to pay a fine (without being told what for), and had their camera confiscated.

They were then denied authorization to leave the country until the Swiss ambassador to Kuwait (Switzerland has no diplomat in Qatar) intervened and sorted it out … 13 days after the intitial incident. Good times.

No word on whether the duo used the “We’re from Switzerland. We’re neutral!” defense during their arrest.

RTS said they received permission to film from Qatari diplomats in Geneva. They are reporting the incident to FIFA.

More here and here.

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