Luke Rodgers Embraces the New York Media Fishbowl

You may have noticed Red Bulls striker Luke Rodgers jawing with Galaxy midfielder Landon Donovan during last Saturday’s meeting between the MLS conference leaders at the Home Depot Center.

Here’s the replay:

Afterward, Rodgers spoke to the New York Post about his little chat with Donovan, using, according to Post writer Brian Lewis, “multiple different terms to liken [Donovan] to male genitalia.

A sampling:

“ ‘The kid’s a (genitalia)head. I don’t care. I just think the kid’s a (friggin’ jerk). I don’t care what you put,’ said Rodgers, [making it] clear that his views were his views, and he didn’t care if they were printed, blogged or tweeted.”

We’re trying to think of a comparable situation in reverse. Let’s say, oh, Plymouth Argyle’s Anton Peterlin, an American player who never got so much as a sniff of the U.S. top flight (Rodgers came to RBNY from third-tier Notts County), somehow landed at Manchester City, got in a game against Manchester United and then sparked an altercation with Wayne Rooney, telling a London tabloid afterward that Rooney was a d***head and a jerk.

Not really a parallel comparison you say? True, Rooney has never scored in a World Cup, while Donovan has five World Cup goals. And Rooney did f*** all in the 2010 tournament (to use the Rodgers-esque British terminology) while Donovan sparked the U.S. comeback against Slovenia with a crucial goal, then sent the Americans to the knockout phase—and the top of Group C, over England—with an iconic strike against Algeria.

Sure, the comparison is not perfect, but apart from Rooney’s glaring inferiority on the international stage, we’d say it’s pretty analogous.*

Donovan, for his part, kept his response brief and to the point, posting the following to his Twitter feed on Monday: “I’m confused, who is Luke Rogers [sic]?

* Note: see here.


One comment on “Luke Rodgers Embraces the New York Media Fishbowl

  1. refbaiter says:

    Rodgers is right, and I like his honesty.

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