Lower-Division Italian Team Gets Caddyshacked

Remember the final scene of Caddyshack, where Danny Noonan’s $80,000-putt hangs on the lip of the cup for an eternity, then falls in after Carl the Groundskeeper goes nuclear on the gopher?

In the movie, the putt counted and Danny’s side won. But in a real-life golf tournament, according to ESPN, which checked with the USGA, golf’s Rule 16-2 would have kicked in.

That rule states that a player has a reasonable time to approach his ball and then ten seconds to determine if it is at rest: “If by then the ball has not fallen into the hole, it is deemed to be at rest.”

All of which brings us to the following clip of a penalty shootout (for promotion to Italy’s sixth level) between Termeno and Dro—and begs the question: Does soccer have a Rule 16-2 for penalty shootouts?

At what point is the attempt finished? The keeper even checks the flight of the rebound as he sprints out in (premature) celebration. He’s convinced it’s a miss. So is the shooter.

Physics—and the game’s referee—said otherwise. And when the next shooter for Dro was stopped, Termeno was promoted.

But the story may not be over. According to one commenter on the original YouTube clip, the rules are different for a penalty shootout and an in-game penalty. He claims this should have been ruled no goal and further that the match will be replayed.

What do you think? Goal, or no goal? Let us know in the comments.


2 comments on “Lower-Division Italian Team Gets Caddyshacked

  1. Brad Gilbert says:

    It is a goal, IMO, because the goalie never touched it and it never went out of bounds, but continued forward. But then again, it came off the cross bar returning to the field, so maybe that should have stopped play…Any how, just goes to show that you should not be so quick to celebrate and continue till the referee stops play.

  2. Warren Buff says:

    A straight reading of the Laws of the Game indicates that this should be a goal. It’s a highly unusual goal, but it should count the same as if the ball had rolled into the goal off of the keeper’s fingertips. There might be league rules which specify how this is handled differently for the particular competition, but FIFA keeps its rules pretty simple, which makes a straight reading possible.

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