What is DaMarcus Beasley Doing In Mexico?

Well, recently at least, he’s scoring goals.

See (amateur, partial, footage of) his game-winning header in the semifinals of a preseason tournament, here:

That tally sent Puebla to the final, where they’ll face San Luis (home of former Philadelphia Union centerback Michael Orozco Fiscal). The game was Beasley’s debut with the team (he signed June 22), and he also drew a penalty in the match, which a teammate missed. So, all good for Run DMB, and we wish him the best.

But why didn’t Beasley come back to MLS, especially after expressing interest, in May, in doing just that?

According to this report, there wasn’t a team willing to pay more than $200,000 for him.

When you consider that Benny Feilhaber landed a reported $400,000 salary to play for New England, this is a little surprising. Feilhaber is three years younger than Beasley and more in the mix for the US national team, but Beasley would bring almost as much to the table in MLS as Feilhaber does.

As for how much he’s getting from Puebla, well, he was the 15th player (of 20) signed this offseason by the rebuilding club, and he came on board after trialing with Pachuca and not being offered a contract. Can they be shelling out much more than $200,000 for the player? Seems unlikely. (And info is scarce on the InterWebs.)

If he follows up on his bright debut, Beasley might make some MLS teams think twice about their decision.

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