Let the Speculation Begin: Who Will Replace Bradley as USMNT Coach?



This guy?

Many names have been bandied about, from Argentines Jose Pekerman and Marcelo Bielsa to Italian Marcello Lippi to German Jurgen Klinsmann to MLS bosses Jason Kreis, Steve Nicol and Peter Nowak.

We asked some Backpost readers for their predictions. Here’s what they came up with:

RefBaiter: “I’ll go with Klinsmann, but I also say that he won’t be able to miraculously improve our players’ skill or tactical play. He won’t suddenly develop a left back for the U.S.”

Abes Army: “I say Pekerman. Hard to see them bringing on another MLS coach now. The timing is good here for a change. One year until WCQs begin. Three friendlies right around the corner are a good chance to see the player pool.”

Prison Mike: “The Most Interesting Man in the World could develop a left back. He could play left back. When he’s in Rome, Romans do as he does. … I think player selection is a big part of the equation. Not that Bradley did a terrible job on that, but a fresh perspective couldn’t hurt.”

Colorado Keeper: “Maradona! … And I’m fine with this change. Few countries would have stuck with Bradley after the loss to Ghana.”

Old27: “Klinsmann.”

Carolina Cannon: “Jose Mourinho. Unless they can pry Hans Backe away from the Red Bulls. Okay, Klinsmann.”

Abes Army: “Andres Cantor says it’s going to be Lippi.”

There you have it. Let us know your prediction, or preference, for the job in the comments. And stay tuned for tomorrow.


4 comments on “Let the Speculation Begin: Who Will Replace Bradley as USMNT Coach?

  1. omatv says:

    I’m with RefBaiter (except for the way he spells “improve”); 3 of our current back 4 can’t compete at the international level.

  2. backpost says:

    Backpost takes full responsibility for RefBaiter’s spelling error, and we agree, somewhat, with the assessment. But if you add Timothy Chandler to our back four, you’ve got two of four, and then here’s hoping Lichaj and a couple of others (Ream, Gonzalez) emerge as capable at international level.

  3. omatv says:

    Is it strange that Chandler didn’t play in the Gold Cup? When is our next competitive international that would fully exclude him from ever playing for Germany? WC qualifiers 15 months from now or something before that? 15 months would be a long time for him to change his mind.

  4. Striker Liker says:

    Pia Sundhage

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