Premier League Opening Day Matches In Doubt

Officials won’t make the decision until Thursday, but right now, it’s looking  like the nine games scheduled for the weekend in London will have to be postponed due to rioting in the capital. Three of those matches are Premier League games, and six are Football League fixtures.

(The England–Holland friendly scheduled for Wednesday has already been canceled, and four Carling Cup matches have been postponed.)

It just so happens that the Premier League games—Tottenham vs Everton, Fulham vs Aston Villa, and Queens Park Rangers vs Bolton—all involve Americans.

But since the photo above is from Tottenham and since, according to The Telegraph, major games require 100 police officers for security, it looks like Tim Howard, Clint Dempsey, Brad Friedel and Stuart Holden (who is recovering from injury) will not open the Premier League season on time. The required policeman will almost certainly be needed elsewhere.

Earlier today, the Premier League and Football League issued a press release saying that there was “no reason to think any matches ouside of London will be affected,” but given the reports of unrest in Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, and West Bromwich, that statement may be overtaken by events.

Again, an official announcement is expected on Thursday. For more on these developments, see here and here.


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