People Get Ready: Premier League—and Backpost Fantasy League—Kick Off Tomorrow

The 2011–12 English Premier League Season starts tomorrow and entries into our fantasy league will close at 11:30 British Summer Time on Saturday morning.

Click this link to find all the info you need to register, and look for the head-to-head schedule on the site tomorrow morning.

Here is Our Man at the Valley with a few final words:

There are two topics I’d like to discuss in advance of Week 1.

First, a quick tutorial on making transfers:

When making transfers you must follow through to the next page and hit “confirm transfers” in order for them to take effect. After that, go to “my team” and make sure your transfers haven’t impacted your Gameweek starters or your choice of Captain or Vice Captain. All mistakes in this department are your own, regardless of what you thought you’ve done. It’s a painful moment to hear about an Andy Carroll hat-trick, congratulate yourself for the foresight of bringing him into your squad and then realize that you neglected to confirm the transfer and still have Fernando Torres in your forward line.

You can’t make transfers for a given week after that week starts. So, you can’t play Carroll on Saturday in Liverpool v Sunderland and then replace him with Edin Dzeko for Monday’s Man City match. The players in your starting XI at the deadline for the Gameweek are those that are active at the deadline starting the week.

This year, there’s an auto complete function on the transfer page. Basically, the website suggests who you should bring in. If nothing else it will give you an idea of which players are being selected by your competitors.

There’s a whole set of rules on the site concerning what happens when one of your players transfers clubs.  Basically, if you have Nasri, and he moves to Man City, you can keep him, even if that gives you 4 Man City players. However, your next transfer must bring you down to the limit of 3 players from any one club.

Obviously, you can keep Fabregas, too, if he moves to Barcelona. He’ll be just about as effective for you there as he was in my team last year, so it will probably be a wash.

Second, how to adjust to postponements:

As most of you know, this week’s Tottenham v Everton match has been postponed; as of now, no makeup date has been announced, but given Spurs participation in the Europa League, I’d guess that the match won’t be made up for a while.

Spurs have a brutally tough set of fixtures to open their season: Both Manchester teams, Liverpool and Arsenal in their first 5 matches. I’d suggest keeping the likes of Gareth Bale and Rafael van der Vaart out of your squad until mid-October. If the Everton match is rescheduled for a date prior, bring them in then.

As for Everton, however, the opening part of the schedule looks much easier, with QPR, Blackburn, Aston Villa and Wigan to follow this week’s postponement. Thus, if you were planning on one or two Everton players in your squad I’d suggest keeping them and fighting this week’s battle with them on your bench.

The deadline is nearly upon us folks; finalize your lineups, and good luck.


2 comments on “People Get Ready: Premier League—and Backpost Fantasy League—Kick Off Tomorrow

  1. Turk Thistle says:

    Once you confirm a transfer can you undo before the week is over?

  2. omatv says:

    I don’t think so (other than prior to week 1).

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