Backpost Fantasy League: Gameweek 1

We’re a little late with the BPFL’s Week 1 post because, as you may have heard, the Premier League site buckled under the weight of its two-million-plus fantasy-league players trying to access its servers at once in the run-up to, and during, the opening weekend of the 2011-12 season.

We’re curious to see how the site holds up when all two million-plus try to add Sergio “Kun” Aguero to their team this week.

But they say they’ve got it sorted, and they’ve made some adjustments to make it up to us, as you can now read about from Co-commissioner MGlo (the Deadly Doe-Eyed Assassin). Take it away MGlo:

Ok, so I had written an entire post on how I am already out of the pool after Week 1.

The Premier League site experienced server and other tech problems starting last Thursday, and continuing through Tuesday of this week. This, as you probably experienced, was very frustrating. Trying to make changes to my team became an ordeal.

My captain (Hugo Rodallega) was on the bench, but eventually came on to do nothing, while my vice captain (Wayne Rooney) scored a goal and received all 3 bonus points. My £10m midfielder (Dirk Kuyt) also came on as a sub and then got booked to turn in a total of 0 points for the week. I did end up with a decent score as 2 of my defenders pitched clean sheets, my goalkeeper had 6 saves, and 2 of my strikers scored and got full bonus points.

But the best news of the week came in the form of an apology by the fantasy website (click here to read it). As a result of their problems, they have decided that we will have unlimited transfers for Week 2 (which means that after all the nerve wracking I did last week trying to pick my team, I get to go through it all over again) and that our Week 1 fixtures (head-to-head battles) will be retroactively generated this Saturday.

Now, with unlimited transfers still allowed, and one week under our belts, we can see who is likely to start and who are the hot players out of the gate (Again, Kun Aguero anyone? … Anyone?). It also means another trip to the drugstore for more antacids.

Performance Of The Week: Hats off to Useful Shot, That who had the high in the Backpost League with 68 points, but with only 10 men in the side. Two of his players had no game and neither of his other substitutes played. His goalkeeper (Pepe Reina) had 6 saves and all 3 defenders pitched clean sheets, with Gary Cahill scoring a goal. All 3 of his midfielders also had clean sheets and 2 of his 3 forwards scored goals, with his captain Rooney earning double points. Well done!

Fantasy tip: Substitutions: Be aware that you can arrange your subs in the order that you want them to come on. Some people don’t realize this and it can be key in earning points. If a player in your starting 11 doesn’t play, the first player that you have listed comes on regardless of position. So your 4-3-3 may turn to a 5-3-2 if a striker comes out and a defender is #1 on your bench. But keep in mind that there is an exception to this. If you are playing with 3 defenders or 2 midfielders or 1 striker and any one of those players doesn’t play, then they will be replaced by the first player who plays the same position, regardless of where that player is on the bench, since you must have a minimum number at each of these positions.

Thanks, MGlo, and congrats to Useful Shot, That for his Aguero-esque performance in Week 1.


2 comments on “Backpost Fantasy League: Gameweek 1

  1. Useful Shot, That says:

    Wait, there were riots in London? And you’re telling me Everton match was delayed? Who knew?

    Needless to say, the Useful Shots rallied around their manager despite some tactical missteps. I can’t wait to find out what I win when I run the table in this league.

  2. omatv says:

    Bolton are currently top of the EPL and no one expects them to stick around for too long; maybe you’ll last a little longer at the top.

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