Robbie Keane and Not-Unattractive Wife Land In LA

The newest member of the Los Angeles Galaxy landed at LAX yesterday, strolling through the terminal alongside his wife, Claudine, and greeted by a sizable media contingent.

Keane, who will be available for LA’s match against San Jose on Saturday night, gave his first U.S. interview to Yahoo Sports’ Martin Rogers. Here’s a quote:

“Coming at this stage of the season is interesting because the Galaxy are doing well, and I want to help that continue. … I am fit and hungry and ready to go. I hope that they will just throw me in the deep end and let me show what I can do.”

He also said—ah screw it; it’s Friday afternoon: Some observers found that Keane’s airport companion brightened up the drab LAX terminal considerably, and they may have a point.

But we can’t be sure without further evidence:

It’s possible…

Okay, we’ll concede the point.

Don’t forget to set your BPFL rosters, folks. You have unlimited transfers up until Saturday morning’s deadline, and the site promises—promises—that it will have our fixtures up for Week 1 (retroactively) and Week 2 in time for the start of the weekend games. We hope so.

Enjoy the games, and the weekend.


One comment on “Robbie Keane and Not-Unattractive Wife Land In LA

  1. Prison Mike says:

    Check out the bald dude ogling his wife in the top picture. He’s either undressing her with his eyes or trying to figure out whether her chopped up body would fit in his fridge. Hard to tell.

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