Backpost Fantasy League: Gameweek 2

We know you’re frustrated. So are we. We even upped the ante on our BPFL picture up there, as a kind of consolation for the ridiculous non-performance of the site through two weeks of thwarted BPFL action. We hope it eases the pain a little.

Here’s Our Man at the Valley with the latest:

This past Thursday I wrote a first draft for this post. I naively assumed that the site would be fixed and running perfectly by now, so I focused on whether or not you took advantage of the free transfers offered up by the site and who the unlucky losers were in our division.

I even started a paragraph with, “Now that the site seems to be working….”

Silly me.

So I guess I should start with an apology—for leading most of you into this mess.

The lesson: Procrastinate whenever possible. That, and Barclays and its EPL website really are awful. How can the first FAQ on the site not be, what the f*** is up your a**?

And it’s not just our league. Most Head-To-Head (HTH) leagues that I’ve looked at have the same info as ours.  Some have generated fixtures, but haven’t posted results from those fixtures (even for Gameweek 1).

Yesterday I got the message “there’s been an unexpected error while processing your request” when trying to transfer. Have you seen that one? Of course you have. This whole damn thing is an unexpected error at this point.

Still, unless we jump ship to another website (perhaps next week if the league structure isn’t fixed), we should concentrate on the Barclays site (but feel free to short Barclays stock and trade in any EA Sports games you might own).

The clear frontrunner in our division is Useful Shot, That. For the second week in a row, he scored the most points in our group. Currently he’s in the top 400 amongst entrants who identify themselves as being from the USA.

Pretty impressive, that.

So those of us who were paying attention all benefitted from a free Wild Card at the start of Week 2. It will certainly level the playing field within our division, as contestants were given the opportunity to see an EPL team’s first choice lineup and react accordingly. Given the colossal screw-ups inflicted by the EPL website, though, it seems like a fair result.

The first question is, did you take advantage of it? Did you get rid of Rio Ferdinand and his troublesome hamstring? Did you drop Cesc Fabregas and his troublesome homesickness? If the answer is yes, you’re probably in much better shape than you were a week ago.

The next question is how did you do this week? Did you have Ryan Taylor of Newcastle and his 12 points (all for just 4.0 million)? Or did you have Didier Drogba of Chelsea and his 1 point (for just 10.5 million)?

Here are some beginner’s tips on Transfers and Substitutions: Any transfers to your squad of 15 are effective as soon as you hit the Confirm Transfer button (the main Transfer page has a Make Transfer button; that will send you to a page where you either Confirm, Cancel, or Change the transfer). If you want to undo that transfer after you have Confirmed it, it will cost you 4 points for the coming Gameweek, unless you’ve got a transfer in reserve (you can carry over a maximum of 1 transfer at any time).

As for substitutes, you can switch and swap your starting 11 out of your squad of 15 as many times as you want up until the deadline for the Gameweek—at which point your squad is locked for that week (subject to any automatic substitutions that the site will make to replace players who didn’t play).

Yes, the site will make those subs, provided it doesn’t encounter any “unexpected errors” in the process. Thanks for your patience, folks, and congrats again to the Useful Shots.


3 comments on “Backpost Fantasy League: Gameweek 2

  1. Useful Shot, That says:

    The Useful Shots are staunchly against any during-season website switch that doesn’t carry over his squad’s sparkling form and early successes to date.

    Useful Shot management is also keenly aware that, like Arsene Wenger’s tenure, all good things likely come to an end, and we just hope that we get to actually look at a functioning league table with my name at the top before the whole website goes tits up.

    PS – Backpost, The Useful Shots stand by my comment from last night, I think the winner should get a small replica World Cup Trophy to hold (Stanley Cup style) for a year.

  2. Useful Shot, That says:

    PS – might have spoken too soon re Wenger, clinical finish just now by Theo Walcott.

  3. backpost says:

    The replica-trophy idea is the current frontrunner for the BPFL grand prize (or PART of the grand prize). And we assume any league migration would carry points over….

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