BPFL Gameweek 5

Did you have Wayne Rooney or SergioKun” Aguero in your BPFL team this week?


Our Man at the Valley feels your pain.

Here he is with the Gameweek 4 bulletin and Week 5 Preview:

Well, it looks like the Premier League Pool and our League are in full flow and, most likely, in their final shape.

We had asked for a limit of 38 people, to guarantee that we all faced off against each other at least once, and we had asked for scoring to start in Gameweek 1. Both of these requests were ignored, and my entreaties for explanations have also been ignored.

As for the competition, I’d love to blame my early season malaise on the site, and to tell you that I had Wayne Rooney and Ashley Young and Nani in my team for Gameweek 1, and then subbed them out for the reset, but that was not the case. I was scared off by Man U’s opening five fixtures. That was a mistake.

This week was a tough one in many respects, especially for those who didn’t have hat-trick heroes Rooney and Aguero. Also, for those of us with multiple Chelsea defenders, conceding a last-minute goal to ruin a clean sheet was particularly painful.

But the main challenge after the close of the transfer window (for all but Asamoah Gyan, apparently) was guessing which newly acquired players would spend play 90 minutes (Emanuel Adebayor, for example, who scored for Spurs and picked up 2 bonus points) and which ones were limited to cameos (Arsenal’s Yossi Benayoun, to name one).

You also had to figure out how much impact new arrivals would have on the playing time of guys already at a club. Will Peter Crouch keep Kenwyne Jones off the pitch at Stoke? Will Davide Santon’s arrival at Newcastle curtail Ryan Taylor’s playing time?

I could hazard a few guesses, but do you really want advice from someone who purposely omitted all Man U players due to what I perceived to be a very tough opening schedule? I also kept them out of my lineup as they averaged five goals a game. [SMH—Ed.]

Top of the table report: Five teams are a perfect 3-0-0 after 3 Gameweeks, including the surprising DHD Photography; none of the five were seriously challenged this past week and none of them play each other this coming week.

Scoring Note: Remember, if you use more transfers than you are allotted for a given Gameweek (normally one, unless you have one carried over) without playing your Wild Card, it will cost you 4 points per extra transfer. I benefitted from that this past week as my opponent was docked 8 points and his 69-63 win turned into a 61-63 defeat.

We’ve instituted an award for the person with the most points who still loses their weekly matchup. It’s called The Unlucky Loser, and whoever fits that description for the most Gameweeks will win a copy of Brilliant Oranje to be provided by Backpost.

Unfortunately for him, Prison Mike has opened up a commanding lead in this side competition, as he won the award in both Gameweek 2 and Gameweek 3. In Gameweek 2, he was exceptionally unlucky as his 53 points was the second highest score in the Backpost League and would have beaten 40 other teans that week. Prison Mike also got the shiv in Gameweek 3, losing 92-77 to ChaiceBrosMakeAllLea, a team managed by … wait for it … his brother. Ouch.

In Gameweek 4, Serbian Zbornaja was the Unlucky Loser, falling 78-65 to the rampant Old27M.

Thank you, OMATV. Deadline for Gameweek 5 is Saturday at 6:30 a.m. ET.

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