BPFL: O Captain, Your Captain

If you added Bolton’s Ivan Klasnic to your team this week, thinking you were getting an inexpensive, productive forward playing in a very winnable game (at home against promotion side Norwich City), well, we can relate. We did the same thing, only to see him pick that game to try out his head-butting skills and get sent off, goalless and with a negative fantasy-points total. Not good times.

Well, at least we didn’t name him Captain, which would have doubled the hit. Here’s Our Man at the Valley with an explanation, and the latest on the BPFL:

A friend and fellow competitor asked for an explanation about Captains, and how they work within the framework of the BPFL. So here goes:

The Rules

Each Gameweek, when you confirm your team for that round, select one of your starting XI to be your Captain. You will receive double points for that player for that Gameweek.

Also select a Vice Captain for that Gameweek from your starting XI. You will receive double points from that player only if your Captain doesn’t play at all. If neither your Captain nor Vice Captain play, you are SOL.

Feel free to change your Captain each Gameweek, based upon a hunch, some tea leaves, or a reasoned approach to current form and the opposition. However …

The Analysis

A Captain’s points are doubled, whether those points are positive or negative. So, for example, many of you probably suffered when Wayne Rooney did his best John Terry PK impersonation (did you see his wry smile as he landed on the ground?). If you gave him the armband, his slip ’n slide was worth -4 rather than -2.

Similarly, Ivan Klasnic’s red card doubled from -3 to -6 if he was your Captain. And if any of you were foolhardy enough to choose Stephen Ward as your Captain, those three goals conceded by Wolves to lowly QPR cost 2 points, not 1.

That last mistake was one that I made, instead of the safe choice of Sergio Aguero. Hence I lost my match by 3 points rather than winning it by 8.

Top of The Table Report: DHD Photography was the only one of the five teams with perfect records to fall from the ranks of the unbeaten. DHD lost to Tango, 38-27.

League leader and co-commissioner Old27M remains on top of the heap and reports that “it’s good to be the king.” Hopefully, Fluffy Bunnies can take care of him this weekend.

The match of the coming Gameweek, however, is Colorado Keeper (4-0-0) against Mudheads (3-0-1).

Unlucky Loser: Our Unlucky Loser for Gameweek 5 was Lildweaver; he hauled in 56 points, enough to beat 40 of the 42 teams in the league. Unfortunately, his opponent, Mudheads, was one of the two teams who scored more.

Thanks OMATV. The deadline for Gameweek 6 lineups is 6:30 a.m. (ET) Saturday, Sept 24. Good luck everyone.

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