BPFL: Thinning the Ranks of the Unbeaten

Co-commissioner MGlo is here with another Backpost Fantasy League bulletin, and he has a bone to pick with his partner in crime, Our Man at the Valley.

Take it away, sir:

And then there were THREE!

While I didn’t get the full respect I deserved last week (someone is obviously disgruntled, though I won’t mention any numpties names…) as Performer of The Week and a member of a small top-of-the-table group, I am happy to report that the standings this week show only Old27m (ahem), coloradokeeper, and Ahmad Haziq Hashim remaining in the ranks of the unbeaten.

All three squads are a perfect 5-0-0, and all three had the injured Wayne Rooney as captain—yet still went on to beat their respective opponents. I personally enjoyed kicking the stuffing out of the Fluffy Bunnies (a 24-point win), while coloradokeeper slipped past mudheads by 3 points. A.H.H., with only 10 players, eked out a 1-point win over YourAdHere, a team still looking for their first point of the season and currently the bookmakers’ favorites to be relegated.

Gunters, RayDomPsychicAdvisor and Chelsea Chris are also looking for first wins of the season but have each managed a draw so far.

Falling from the unbeaten ranks this week were Useful Shot, That, who have dropped to fifth place, and were passed by Kimo’s—a team that opened the season with a draw but have rattled off four straight victories since then.

Performance of The Week: Herk City were this week’s winners with 69 points, riding a 26-point outburst by captain Robin van Persie. While only one Herk City defender earned a clean sheet, the other two played well enough to earn 2 bonus points each, with Jose Bosingwa picking up an assist.

David Silva added a clean sheet and an assist, while Luis Suarez chipped in with a goal and 3 bonus points.

Unlucky Loser: This goes to recently married Arsenal fan (there are just too many jokes here, so please insert your own) The Losers, whose 56 points were enough to beat 33 of the 40 other teams—but not DisgruntledNumpties, The Losers’ opponent this past week.

The Numpties’ fate came down to Sebastian Larsson’s performance for Sunderland and The Losers. Had Larsson not played, Aaron Ramsey’s 10 points would have kicked in for The Losers—and this paragraph would have been written the other way round!

So six weeks are in the books, with 32 more to go. By now you should have the hang of what you are doing, but if you have any questions, or would like to see your comments make the blog, feel free to email us at Jbackpost12@gmail.com with ‘BPFL’ in the subject.

Thanks, MGlo. Though you hate to see such squabbling in the league office so early in the season.

Speaking of local squabbles, the North London derby headlines this week’s Premier League action, as Tottenham hosts Arsenal on Sunday (11:00 a.m. ET, Fox Soccer Channel).

The deadline for lineups this week is, as always, Saturday at 6:30 a.m. ET. Good luck.


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