BPFL: Horn-Tooting Time

With an international-fixture week upon us, here is co-commissioner MGlo with the latest bulletin from the Backpost Fantasy League:

And then there were two!

Coloradokeeper could not hold on to their lead going into Sunday’s matches against Thissiteblows@P.Mike, and had to settle for a draw, leaving just Old27m and Ahmad Haziq Hashim as the only perfect teams left in the division (they’re both 6-0-0).

At the bottom of the table, Gunters and ChelseaChris won their first games while YourAdHere earned their first point of the season. Without sponsorship, they are struggling and at the moment seem to be offering advertising space on the bottom of the shoes of the fighter mostly likely to get knocked out.

Since my Disgruntled colleague will take over the next Gameweek’s edition, and his bitterness and jealousy limit the proper praise I deserve, I find it necessary to toot my own horn. After facing five of your teams and knocking back each one, I was facing the whole lot of you this week. Well boys, it will take more than 40 of you to end my perfect season as I slipped by the average team by 3 points.

In all fairness to you, I was lucky, because I had planned to use both transfers but instead only used one. And it was the transfer I didn’t make that won me the week. I decided to keep Scott Sinclair of Swansea in my team instead of bringing in Jonathan Walters of Stoke. This paid big dividends as Sinclair scored from the spot, had a clean sheet and earned 2 bonus points. And looking at the players now, Walters is currently listed with an orange box next to his name, which puts his status as doubtful.

Better lucky than good, right?

Performance of The Week: This week’s award goes to el nino, whose 76 points were a league best. Two of his three defenders had clean sheets but it was the quartet of Clint Dempsey, Samir Nasri, Daniel Sturridge and Emmanuel Adebayor that provided his bread and butter.

U.S. and Fulham midfielder Dempsey earned 11 points with a goal, an assist and a clean sheet while Chelsea striker Sturridge had two goals, an assist and 2 Bonus points for a total of 15. The Frenchman Nasri of Manchester City (almost typed ‘Arsenal’) did slightly better with a goal, two assists, a clean sheet and 3 Bonus points (17 total) while Clock End favorite and el nino captain Adebayor pulled in 12 points.

Unlucky Loser: The 51 points scored by Bryan 04 Leverkusen would have been enough to get past 27 other teams, and draw with four, but they weren’t enough to defeat Bertie Wooster FC, whose 66 points were the second-highest total for the week.

We are off this week due to another international break, so everyone can rest their nerves for the weekend and keep tabs on which players are using the time off to heal injuries. Once again, any comments or questions you might have should be addressed to Jbackpost12@gmail.com with ‘BPFL’ in the subject line.

Thanks, MGlo. And for U.S.-based league members, Jurgen Klinsmann’s boys are in action twice in the coming days, taking on Honduras tomorrow (6:00 pm ET, Fox Soccer), and Ecuador on Tuesday (7:00 pm ET, ESPN2).

Enjoy the weekend.


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