BPFL: Trouble At the Top

Hello there. We’re back. We were snowed under with day-job duties and some extra MLS stuff (see their site tomorrow—and Friday), so the sleek consoles at the Backpost World HQ went unmanned for a bit. We’ll be back behind them tomorrow.

Until then, here is BPFL Co-commissioner MGlo with the exquisitely frustrating (to him; humorous to the rest of us) tale of his fall from the top of the table. He also covers the best, worst, and unluckiest performers of the week.

We can relate to the commish’s plight to a large degree, particularly where Leon Best and Luis Suarez are concerned. We also picked the wrong week to drop Edin Dzeko from our lineup. Sigh.

Take it away, MGlo:

And then there were NONE!

OK, well, not none exactly, but there are no longer any unbeaten and untied teams in our league as Old27m and Ahmad Haziq Hashim both lost by a single solitary solo point to their opponents Kimo’s and Giorgio Chinaglia, respectively. Those two have dropped into second place and a new leader has taken over.

It pains me to say it, but coloradokeeper is that new leader: His 45-30 victory over Escobar’s Revenge sent him top of the table.

At the bottom it is looking more and more like relegation for both RayDomPsychicAdvisor and YourAdHere, who are both winless in eight matches. (I would think the former might have seen this coming.)

As for me, frustration reigned on Long Island, as I couldn’t find the point needed to extend my unbeaten run to eight games and remain at the top of the Backpost League. I had decided against making a transfer but struggled with that decision most of Friday, logging in and out of the site and bringing players in and out of my team.

Checking my opponent’s squad, I felt that I would be okay with the current group of players, and really it was just bad luck that I didn’t at least draw my match. I believe that Luis Suarez played well enough to earn at least 1 Bonus Point which would have turned into 2—and victory for me—as he was my captain. Needless to say, he got none.

But there were other factors going against me. How about Leon Best only getting to halftime before being substituted? There’s a lost point. Or Best getting booked? Another point gone. But the most frustrating turn of all was due to a rule on the site. Wolves’ comeback against Swansea killed me.

Swansea’s Scott Sinclair was playing for me, and his teammate Nathan Dyer was in for my opponent. Dyer came out in the 82nd minute, and two minutes later, Wolves scored. According to the rules, “If a player has been substituted when a goal is conceded this will not effect[sic] any clean sheet bonus.” Well there’s a fine how do you do. Sinclair finishes with 2 and Dyer cravenly leaves early with 3.

As OMATV said, I was in Dyer Straits.

Performance of the Week: This week’s winner is Serbian Zbornaja, who scored a whopping 71 points—20 more than the next highest-scoring team. He was led by captain Gervinho’s 30 points and David Silva’s 12, along with clean sheets from two Newcastle players, a goal from Sergio Aguero, and an assist from Joleon Lescott.

Unlucky Loser: EPLQuakes earned 43 points this week, which would have beaten 34 other teams and drawn with one. Unfortunately for him, he was up against Team Fortress 4, who pulled in 51 points. (EPL Quakes’ weekend was further tarnished when Chris Wondolowski, of his beloved Stateside brethren, missed winning the MLS Golden Boot by a crossbar and two terrific saves from Dallas’s Chris Seitz.—Ed.)

As always, any comments or questions can be addressed to Jbackpost12@gmail.com with ‘BPFL’ in the subject line.

Thanks MGlo. Check this space tomorrow, everyone. Good night.


One comment on “BPFL: Trouble At the Top

  1. colorado keeper says:

    Mr. Backpost,

    Please end this league immediately.

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