BPFL: Beware Bryan 04 Leverkusen

Let’s hand the mic over to BPFL co-commissioner MGlo, with this week’s wrapup:

Not much changed this week as the Top 6 all won. Coloradokeeper continues to lead second-placed Dynasty of FC Hammer by 4 points and third-placed Herk City by 7 points.

But the current leader has a tough match this week as he faces the excellently named, fourth-placed Bryan 04 Leverkusen, who will be looking to cut his 8-point deficit in the title chase. With seven wins and a draw from his last eight matches, Leverkusen should give the 1/7th of a mayor a run for his money.

I, on the other hand, face a second Chaice brother, but having easily dispatched the first one in Gameweek 8, I’m not much concerned by another challenge from that family. Actually, I am looking ahead to my Gameweek 18 battle with my son, I Am Liverpool, who has already started the trash talking. I am sure we will come up with an interesting side bet for that one!

The Sleeping Giant appears to have woken from his slumber, reeling off two straight victories. [Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.—Ed.] He’s hoping to make it three against Fluffy Bunnies this week before a clash with the narcoleptic dater at the top of the table next week.

Also coming up is the fantasy Cup competition, which, according to the site, starts in December. Not surprisingly, there is no exact start date posted. The Cup is a knockout competition, and each team will be randomly drawn against another team from all of the entries on the entire site. It is a lot of fun, but it can be distracting, as I found out to my detriment last season. I was doing well overall, but once the Cup came, I began making lineup changes according to my Cup opponent, and this cost me in league play. I did progress to Round 8, which was the furthest of any team in the league I was in last year. Maybe Backpost can offer a prize to the team that lasts the longest this year? [Consider it done.—Ed.]

Performance of the Week: For the second time this season, DisgruntledNumpties took the honors with an 86-point haul, led by Captain Wayne Rooney’s 24 points. Nani chipped in with 18 points and Michel Vorm of Swansea earned 12, which included a penalty save. Jose Enrique and Laurent Koscielny both kept clean sheets as my co-commissioner almost doubled up Escobar’s Revenge (86–44 was the final score) and moved into 12th position. It usually takes OMATV about a third of the season to get things right before he makes his move. He’s just about on schedule.

Unlucky Loser: UNITED S.U.V. and mudheads both scored 72 points, but since they were matched up against one another, they drew, and left the Unlucky Loser award to my opponent, tranungkite, who scored 63 points—not enough to beat my 78, but better than 31 other teams this week.

Matches will come fast and furious over the next five gameweeks, so we might see lots of changes in the standings. Along with the Cup, it should make for an interesting December. Happy Holidays to all!

Thanks, MGlo. Enjoy the games, everyone, and don’t forget to set your lineups on Friday night.


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