While We Were Away

The busiest week in the Premier League (and BPFL) schedule happened to coincide with the vacation-est week on the Backpost calendar.

We closed a big project at the day job, turned in this, this, this, and a couple of other pieces set to run on the MLS site in the next two weeks, then lit out for the territories for a few days of R n R. Good times.

Now we’re digging out and catching up. One BPFL Gameweek has come and gone (better-late-than-never writeup to follow), and we’re in the midst of another one; the January-camp call-ups for the USMNT are in; Clint Dempsey‘s hot streak continued; and David Beckham’s future … remained uncertain (though French politicians assumed it was a fait accompli and were starkly divided over the rumored million-dollars-a-month salary, with some saying it was obscene in these economic times and others welcoming the 50-percent tax rate Golden Balls would contribute to the French government coffers).

All right–let’s get back to it.


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