BPFL: MLS Exports, Coloradokeeper Stumbles, Assou-Ekotto’s Ever-Changing ’Do

Co-commissioner Our Man at the Valley is here with your Gameweek 20 wrap-up:

As noted earlier on this site, it was a good week to be an MLS player in England.

Tim Ream is being courted by Bolton; Robbie Keane just sealed a loan deal to Aston Villa; George John is off to West Ham for two months; and Robbie Rogers signed a contract with Leeds (pending his UK work permit).

Thierry Henry’s FA Cup exploits, as well as Clint Dempsey’s, were very impressive, though they don’t count in the BFPL scoring.

One goal from a Yank that does count, but not enough in my opinion, was the one scored by MLS alum Tim Howard against Bolton. For some reason it was worth only 6 points in the BFPL, the same amount credited to a defender who scores. I think the rarity of the occurrence would cause the website to value it much more highly.

The twist in this week’s action—apart from the first loss of the season for top-of-the-table coloradokeeper—was a double Gameweek for Spurs and Everton, to make up for their postponed fixture from August. I loaded up on players from both squads over the past few weeks but my preparations went nowhere at first, as my two Everton players, Jack Rodwell and Phil Jagielka, didn’t manage an hour of playing time between them due to injury.

But the makeup game worked out well for me, as Benoit Assou-Ekotto went wild with a goal, an assist, 3 bonus points and a clean sheet. The man with the ever-changing hairstyles racked up 24 points. Though I was lukewarm on his somewhat pedestrian dreadlocks this week. I was more of a fan of the previous look, which answered the question, What do you get when you combine Kid from Kid n Play

…with Spanish golfer Miguel Angel Jimenez?


Performance of the Week: None other than co-commissioner MGlo’s son, I Am Liverpool. The kid picked up 51 points from his Spurs trio of Assou-Ekotto, Rafael Van Der Vaart and Gareth Bale while racking up an impressive 98 points.

Unlucky Loser: We had a tie this week between Coloradokeeper and Herk City. The ’keeper’s impressive 19-week unbeaten run came to an end as he lost 87-68 to the enigmatic RayDomPsychicAdvisor (transfers every week but only recently off the foot of the table), and Herk City lost 88-68 to Serbian Zbornaja.

Cup Results: The surviving members of our league fared well this week in the Fantasy Cup. Seventeen of you had qualified for the third round and 10 progressed to fight another week. The survivors are RayDomPshyciAdvisor, Abes Army, I Am Liverpool, Sunshine FC, Herk Ciry, Coloradokeeper, The Xerez’s Team, Useful Shot That, Giorgio Chinaglia and El Nino.

Chinaglia and the Useful Shots both prevailed on a tiebreak (most goals scored) after drawing their matches, but Dynasty of FC Hammer was a hard-luck loser in the same fashion, going down on the tiebreak after a 56-56 draw.

Transfer Tips: Mostly, the January transfer window seems to be about rumors not coming to fruition. I got a laugh out of the Andy Carroll-back-to-Newcastle-for-a-third-of-what-he-cost-a-year-ago rumor. The two rumored moves that make sense, and that could land Spurs the title, are Chris Samba and Junior Hoillet moving to White Hart Lane from cash-strapped Blackburn Rovers. If Harry Redknapp pulls that off and RVDV and Bale stay healthy, I think Spurs have a shot.

Loans and permanent transfers impact the BFPL in two different ways. First, players are added to the available rosters. Pay attention to the pricing: Henry started at 7.5 and Landon Donovan at 7.0. Second, for transfers within the EPL, on the off chance that one of your players moves to a team where you’ve already got the maximum of three players, you can temporarily have a fourth player on that team until you make your next transfer.

For example, if you have Bolton’s Gary Cahill and he moves to Chelsea and you already have three Chelsea players, you can play all four in subsequent Gameweeks provided you don’t make any further transfers; the computer will apparently force you to transfer out one of the Chelsea players with your next transfer.

The next Gameweek starts on Saturday. Good luck.

Thanks OMATV. We will now go watch House Party again.


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