Landon Donovan Now a Verb in the UK

Los Angeles Galaxy and U.S. national team attacker Landon Donovan has five assists in the first seven games of his winter loan stint with Everton, helping the team to big recent wins over Fulham (in the FA Cup) and top-of-the-table Manchester City.

He’s done so well in his second loan stint that former Everton midfielder Steven Pienaar, who is now headed back to the Merseyside on loan from Spurs, recently said he hopes to “have a Landon Donovan effect” in his return to the club.

That prompted The Sun to run the banner headline “Pienaar: I can do a Landon,” and thereby usher a new verb into the British football lexicon.

Think of it as a kind of antonym to the phrase “pull a Homer,” from the classic Simpsons episode “Homer Defined” (Season 3, Episode 5), in which the rotund Simpsons family patriarch stops a nuclear meltdown using the unorthodox “eeny, meeny, miney, moe” method, prompting the coining of the phrase, which means “to succeed despite idiocy.”


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