BPFL: The RVP Train Has Left the Station

Co-commissioner Our Man at the Valley, fresh from a trip to the Super Bowl, is here with this week’s fantasy wrap-up. The ’keeper and the Dynasty continue to top the table, Giorgio Chinaglia’s Cup run ended, and the commissioners announce a League Cup (you can still win hardware this year)!

Take it away OMATV:

For those of us who booked a seat on the Robin Van Persie Express, it was an easy week. RVP scored three goals, assisted on two others and collected 3 Bonus Points in the BPFL. That’s 46 points from the Dutchman alone if he was your captain; enough to turn the tide on basically any head-to-head matchup.

Our two leaders, coloradokeeper and Dynasty of FC Hammer, are firmly ensconced in the first-class compartment of that train, as each had RVP as captain; they maintain a comfortable cushion at the top of the table.

Fantasy Cup: Our last remaining participant in the EPL Cup, Giorgio Chinaglia, did not have RVP in his team. His opponent did. That’s the end of his (and our) cup run, 79-57.

Performance of the Week: Old27M tallied a massive 97 points to win the honor this week. Obviously, he had RVP as his captain, but also got significant contributions from Juan Mata (13 points) and a couple of defenders named Taylor (Ryan of Newcastle and Neil of Swansea).

Unlucky Loser: In a sense we didn’t have an Unlucky Loser this week, since the only team that lost with RVP as Captain only managed 15 points from the rest of his squad. Nonetheless, the award goes to Chelsea Chris, who picked up 64 points (without RVP) but lost by 33.

League Cup: Since we have all now been eliminated from the Cup we’ve decided to start a League Cup, available only to members of the BPFL. It will be a single elimination tournament beginning in Gameweek 26, with the first round of 10 matches contested following a random draw of the bottom 20 teams after Gameweek 25 (including the Average team), followed by the second round, which will involve 32 teams. Either I or my co-commissioner will conduct a random draw each week and we’ll report that along with results in our weekly write-ups.

After Gameweek 24, the top 19 teams in the BPFL are assured of a bye into the second round. The bottom 13 are assured of contesting the first round and the 10 in the middle will be striving to finish Gameweek 25 in the top 22.

Thanks OMATV. Games on Saturday and Sunday this week, with the Manchester United–Liverpool tilt topping the marquee, and Landon Donovan, Tim Howard and Everton taking on Chelsea. Don’t forget to set your lineups, and good luck.


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