BPFL: Gameweek 26, League Cup First Round

Co-commissioner Our Man at the Valley is back from the slopes with your BPFL weekly wrap, covering the first round of the League Cup, the top performer, and the unluckiest loser:


The first round of the Backpost League Cup threw up only a couple of mild surprises. FluffyBunnies and YourAdHere both punched above their weight class and knocked out Escobar’sRevenge and DHDPhotography, respectively.

Here are the results in full:

Bertie Wooster FC  32-43  Useful Shot, That

ChaiceBrosMakeAllLea  14-42 tranungkite

Taeguk Warriors   35-62  Joakimovo stado

Sleeping Giant   41-51  Gunters

Tango   49-43  The Rihno’s

RayDomPsychicAdvisor   51-39  Team Fortress 4

The Losers  38-54  Abes Army

Stemmy    38-48   Chelsea Chris

DHD Photography   30-45  YourAdHere

Escobar’s Revenge    34-40  Fluffy Bunnies

League Cup Second Round Draw Former Charlton manager AlanCurbishley took some time out from saying no to the head position at Wolves to conduct the draw for the second round, with matches taking place this coming week, Gameweek 27.

The marquee matchup pits the top two teams in our league, coloradokeeper and Dynasty of FC Hammer. The draw is as follows:

Gunters v EPL Quakes

Fluffy Bunnies v LildWeaver

Kimo’s v Ahmad Haziq Hashim

Disgruntled Numpties v YourAdHere

Herk City v Joakimovo Stado

Old27M v Mudheads

Socr_maniac v Serbian zbornaja

thissiteblows@pmike v Average

Dynasty of FC Hammer v Coloradokeeper

Abe’s Army v tranungkite

United SUV v I am Liverpool

Afrikan Letsatsi v Chelsea Chris

RayDomPsychicAdvisor v Bryan 04 Leverkusen

Useful Shot, That v Giorgio Chinaglia

The Xerex’s Team v Tango

Sunshine FC v El Nino

Back in the league, the Coloradokeeper’s lead at the top  grew to a certainly insurmountable eight points as the Rocky Mountain boys beat slumping Giorgio Chinaglia 52-46, and second-place Dynasty of FC Hammer, playing without a goalkeeper, lost to Mudheads 47-46.

Performance of the Week Our top team this week was Joakimovo Stado, who netted 62 points after a 4-point  deduction for making an extra transfer. He, too, played without a keeper (Michael Vorm’s illness left many of us needing backup), but picked up 24 points from his Arsenal midfield duo of Alex Song and Theo Walcott.

Unlucky Loser  The award was shared this week between the aforementioned Giorgio Chinaglia and Dynastyof FC Hammer.

With Wednesday’s international fixtures out of the way (congrats U.S.! good try, England!), we’re back to the regularly scheduled EPL programming. The next Gameweek starts on Saturday.

Thanks OMATV. As always, don’t forget to set your lineups.


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