Soony Saad Steals the Show in Episode 2 of ‘Collin’s Corner’

The second episode of Collin’s Corner, the Eiffel Tower–side advice forum with Sporting Kansas City defender Aurélien Collin, went up today, and while the host himself continues to charm with Gallic flair, we were partial to second-year striker Soony Saad’s delivery of his question. See it here:

Yeah, we’ve watched it three times and Saad still cracks us up. The 19-year-old forward is supertalented with the ball at his feet, but if the soccer thing doesn’t work out, he may have a future in sketch comedy or John Hughes–style teen flicks.

Also: Collin cannot—will not—disrespect the cat.

H/T: MLS Insider


3 comments on “Soony Saad Steals the Show in Episode 2 of ‘Collin’s Corner’

  1. If you thought any of that was humorous you need to get out more.

  2. backpost says:

    Easy, Rex Reed!

    They’re soccer players, not the Upright Citizens Brigade. And Saad’s shoulder shrug and faux-earnest delivery were legitimately funny.

  3. Point taken, I concede my point! I warmed up to it upon reviewing. And I learned a thing or two about dating.

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