Michael Bradley: Making His Mark at Chievo

There’s a good read by Paolo Bandini over at The Footy Blog on U.S. midfielder Michael Bradley and his emergence as the engine of Serie A side Chievo’s midfield.

The locals have taken quite a shine to the young Yank, with one Verona journo praising his ability to both “destroy play and construct it.” They’ve also appreciated his effort to learn Italian, which he has done well enough to conducts postgame interviews in the language.

Bradley has quickly worked his way into an important starting role, and the club tied title contenders Juventus 1-1 their last time out.

It’s all good stuff, but, really, as one commenter points out, European fans need to come up with a better nickname for American imports than “Captain America.” Claudio Reyna had the tag back in his day, and it was sort of tired then.


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