BPFL Gameweek 35: Crash of the Titans

Here is co-commissioner Our Man at the Valley recapping an eventful week in which perennial champions Barcelona, Man U, and the Coloradokeeper all took it on the chin, and the BPFL title chase tightened with three weeks to play:

It was a bad week for managers of three of the biggest sides in world soccer.

One of those three, Pep Guardiola, saw his team knocked out of the Champions League just days after their hope of retaining La Liga title all but evaporated.

Another of the trio, Alex Ferguson, saw his side held by Everton in a thrilling 4-4 draw, opening the door for his biggest rivals in the Premiership title chase ahead of this Monday’s Manchester Derby.

The third of the trio, Coloradokeeper, saw his Costa Rican vacation ruined by an attack of mystery insects, and his BPFL title hopes dented in a 51-44 loss to socr_maniac. The ’keeper’s lead at the top of the table has been cut to two points. He lost for the third time in six weeks as he continues to stumble towards the finish line.

Hot on the ‘keeper’s heels is Herk City, winners of nine in a row. City disposed of the transfer-challenged El Nino, 63-46. In third place, a further two points adrift, is Dyanasty of FC Hammer, a 44-33 winner over Taeguk Warriors.

With three weeks remaining it’s shaping up as a great finish. By the end of this Gameweek we could have a new leader. This week Coloradokeeper hosts seventh-placed Lildweaver; Herk City is away to 32nd placed Tranungite; and Dynasty of FC Hammer faces mid-table Escobar’s Revenge.

Performance of the Week:  You had to scroll a long way down the table to find our Performer of the Week. The Rihno’s, assured of relegation to BPFL 2 next season (as well as being held back in third grade for basic spelling errors), produced a stunning 78 points. He had clean sheets from four of his back five, 16 points from Chris Eagles and 26 from Wayne Rooney.

Unlucky Loser:  Rihno’s opponent, Afrikan Letsatsi, takes the dubious award this week—for an incredible fifth time this season. AL is a near certainty to take home the season-long title of Unlucky Loser. His 62 points would have beaten 34 other teams. Even more remarkable: If those five losses had been wins, he’d be only two points out of first place.

Ouch. That is a hard-luck case. Thanks OMATV. Gameweek 36 is a big one, with 14 games spread from Saturday April 28 to Wed May 2. Don’t forget to set your lineups, and good luck.


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