BPFL Week 37: Soaring On Wings of Wax

Co-commissioner Our Man at the Valley takes the mic for his final recap of the BPFL season.

He breaks out some ancient mythology to capture this week’s top-of-the-table turnover:

There’s a story entrenched in Greek mythology about a young man named Icarus who, given wings and the gift of flight, flies too close to the sun, causing the glue on his wings to melt and Icarus to crash to his death.

In the second-to-last week of the EPL season we saw a modern day equivalent as Herk City seized first place in the BPFL for the first time all season, having finally soared past longtime leader Coloradokeeper.

Herk City made one change, bringing in Icarus in place of Fernando Torres, a striker firmly rooted to the ground. Okay, it wasn’t Icarus, but Herk City brought in Robin Van Persie—a player who has certainly soared this season—in place of Torres, and the Arsenal captain earned City 26 points.

Alas, RVP’s heroic output merely kept City’s match against 25th-placed Gunters much closer than it otherwise would have been. HC lost 57-48.

Coupled with Coloradokeeper’s 57-48 victory over YourAdHere, City is back in second place with a week to play. Check that, Herk City is actually in third place, as Dynasty of FC Hammer leapfrogged the plummeting onetime leader.

So, with a week to play, the point totals and remaining opponents at the top of the table looks like this:

Coloradokeeper 86 points Abe’s Army

Dynasty of FC Hammer 85 points The Xerez’s Team

Herk City 84 points Joakimovo Stado

Looking at the opponents, The Xerez’s Team is the only one of the trio in the top 10; Abe’s Army, however, had the most points of the three last week.  The Army also has its Wild Card remaining; making good use of that will surely impact the title race [he oh-so-subtly hinted—Ed.].

All matches take place on Sunday at 3pm.

Performance of the Week:  For the second time in three weeks this award goes to The Rihno’s. They rode Ashley Young and four defensive clean sheets to a total of 63 points.

Unlucky Loser:  There’s little solace for our deposed leader Herk City. His 48 points were the best of the losers this week but couldn’t beat Gunters’ 57.

Thanks OMATV—both for this, and the seasonlong effort.

We’re going down to the wire, folks. Look for MGlo’s summary of the finale next week.


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