BPFL Week 38: Down to the wire!

Co-commissioner MGlo wraps up the tense title chase that came down to the final week of the inaugural Backpost Fantasy League season:

What an exciting end to a season! An amazing battle at the top of the table to determine who would win the trophy on the last day of the campaign! A parade that brought out all the fans to celebrate a wonderful victory!

No we’re not talking about the English Premier League. We’re talking Backpost Fantasy League and the battle between Dynasty of FC Hammer and coloradokeeper. Going into the last day of the season, the keeper had a 1-point lead over Hammer, with 3rd placed Herk City a further point behind. City’s extra transfer cost them -3 points, and their 1-point loss against Joakimovo stado meant their title hopes had disappeared. I can sympathize with City, who finished the season with two straight defeats after winning 10 in a row. I did the same thing with the same player (Gael Clichy) and it cost me a Top 10 finish as we both had bench players who would have lifted us to victories. Herk’s loss meant the title would come down to the Top 2 clubs.

Dynasty, who had been written off by my esteemed colleague back in week 33 (“ His chances of winning the league have evaporated…”), had won 4 straight, their last loss coming against my Old27m club. The keeper, meanwhile, had won just once in his last three matches. Form held true as FC Hammer eased past The Xerex’s Team 49-39, while the colorado based platoon was trounced by Abes Army 57-40. The Army’s tactical use of their wildcard sealed the fate of the one time table topping team. So Congratulations to Dynasty of FC Hammer and their title winning squad. The Gooner Australian will be whooping it up in Sydney or Brisbane or wherever he hails from as he looks forward to defending his title next season.

Performance of The Week: Useful Shot, That was our first winner of this award and also our last. His team racked up a massive 72 points on the back of Captain Wayne Rooney’s 18 and Jonathan Walters 14. The overall winner of this gong goes to Herk City, who was top performer four times during the season. A nice addition to his Backpost Cup win. Congratulations, HC.

Unlucky Loser: Herk City’s 51 points were better than 31 other clubs, but not enough to beat his final round opponent, Joakimovo stado. City took this award three and a half times this season, and twice in the last two weeks, but they were bested by Afrikan Letsatsi, who won it four and a half times. I’m not sure Congratulations are really in order for this one, though there is an award, if we can locate the AL manager.

So we’ve come to the end of the season, and I for one am looking forward to a break. I can now enjoy my Friday afternoons without the stress of making transfers. I can also enjoy my weekends without the distractions of what’s happening with my team. I wish all a very happy summer and look forward to seeing everyone again in August. Enjoy the Euros!

Thanks MGlo, and thanks to everyone who participated.


2 comments on “BPFL Week 38: Down to the wire!

  1. Adam says:

    G’day from Dynasty of FC Hammer!
    I’ve really enjoyed the updates, so keep up the work next season.
    Thought I was fading into obscurity a while back, which makes the win all the more satisfying!

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