Is this the Best Goal Thierry Henry Has Ever Scored for New York?

Backpost reader and prolific yellow card collector RefBaiter says no way, but we are giving the Frenchman’s strike in yesterday’s 1-0 win over Chicago some serious consideration. The first touch off the chest that creates space for the shot, the clutch factor (it was a game-winner) and the incredible volley in off the far post. Take a look:

That’s a pretty damn good goal. We can think of a few others that rival it in Henry’s short MLS career, and have included them below. Let us know in the comments if you think any of them is better than yesterday’s strike.

September 11, 2010, vs Colorado. The set-up is what makes this one brilliant. He backheels the ball to Joel Lindpere to keep the play alive, then lulls Colorado defender Kosuke Kimura before baiting him into a lunge and absolutely exploding by him on the give-and-go. Magic:

July 23, 2011, vs FC Dallas. A great piece of individual skill that was also clutch: It lifted to New York into a tie in the waning moments:

October 1, 2011, vs Toronto FC. The touch to turn away from TFC defender Andy Iro = so skillful. The finish = deadly. Also: an 88th-minute equalizer = clutch:

Those were the Henry golazos we could recall. Did we miss one? Which do you think is the best? Let us know in the comments.

And whatever you think, one thing is clear: Henry may have had some discipline issues in his Red Bulls career, but he has delivered the goods as a player.


One comment on “Is this the Best Goal Thierry Henry Has Ever Scored for New York?

  1. RefBaiter says:

    I think the Dallas goal was better. he was marked tightly, and showed his patented cutback. Absolutely destroyed the defender. Yesterday’s goal was certainly no clouch, but the marking looked a bit lax.

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