Greatest Misses: “What Just Happened?” Edition

This clip comes from the Chinese league, during a game between Shanghai Shenua and Tianjin Teda, and you’ll need to watch it twice to figure out how the hell the ball stayed out of the net.

Serbian attacker Vladimir Jovancic pounces on the rebound of a teammate’s shot off the post. On his first attempt, from about 18 inches out, his right foot flicks over the ball and unintentionally pulls it back sharply against his left leg.

It ricochets from there off the post, but then falls perfectly for him to sweep into the wide-open goal. He attempts to do just that, but something—a defender’s boot? An invisible force field?—spins the ball up and over the crossbar.

Take a look:

Shanghai Shenua, by the way—the team in blue above—is the current home of both Nicolas Anelka and Didier Drogba.


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