The 2012-13 BPFL Season Is Here

Ladies and gentlemen, the Backpost Fantasy League is back, courtesy of that rakish duo Our Man at the Valley and MGlo.

It’s the second annual edition of the BPFL, and our dashing co-commissioners have us locked and loaded at the Premier League’s fantasy site. So click here, register, create a team, and then join the league called “Backpost.”

And do it soon! The Premier League starts on Saturday.

You’ll need the following code to join: 1136183-283663.

We are limiting the number of entrants this year, so leave a heads-up in the comments below or email the site at to let us know you’re in so you don’t get booted by the ruthless (though debonair) co-commissioners.

Thanks, and good luck.


3 comments on “The 2012-13 BPFL Season Is Here

  1. Adam says:

    Hey guys,

    Rise of FC Hammer is ready to roll.
    Hoping for back to back wins.
    Good luck to all,


  2. omatv says:

    Excellent. Though shouldn’t Year 1 have been “Rise of…” and now as defending champ “Dynasty of…”?

  3. Adam says:

    Very true, but things have gone differently in another cash league with some mates. Maybe I could chuck an asterisk in there somewhere.

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