Prison Mike’s USMNT Pop Quiz

Loyal Backpost reader and father of seven or eight Prison Mike started randomly emailing us U.S. national team trivia earlier today, so we thought we’d collect some of his questions and run a quiz here on the site.

Googling strictly prohibited. First prize is a Cadillac Eldorado, second prize is a set of steak knives….

Here we go:

1. Who has more caps, DaMarcus Beasley or Brian McBride?

2. Who has more caps, Jeff Agoos or Alexi Lalas?

3. Who has the most caps by a goalkeeper?

4. Who has the  most caps, period?

5. Who is the youngest player ever to earn a cap?

6. Of the following, who has the most points (goals and assists) for the USMNT—Tab Ramos, Earnie Stewart, Carlos Bocanegra, DaMarcus Beasley, or Clint Mathis?

7. Who has more goals, Claudio Reyna or Alexi Lalas?

8. Who got called up first, Cobi Jones or Kasey Keller?

9. I scored three goals against Paraguay in the 1930 World Cup, a performance officially credited by FIFA as the first hat-trick in World Cup history. I was born, raised, and died in Fall River, Mass. Who am I?

10. What is the highest FIFA world ranking the team has ever achieved?

Good luck. Lodge your guesses in the comments. We’ll weigh in with the answers tomorrow.


7 comments on “Prison Mike’s USMNT Pop Quiz

  1. Prison Mike says:

    The no googling rule reminded me a of a funny back-and-forth from 30 Rock where Tracy thought googling yourself meant something other than looking yourself up on the Internet:

    Tracy: Liz, you mind if I Google myself in your office?

    Liz: Sure, Tracy!

    Tracy: Can I use your computer?

    Liz: How else you gonna do it?

  2. omatv says:

    1. DMB; 2 Lalas; 3 Meola; 4 Donovan; 5. Adu; 6. Stewart; 7. Reyna; 8. Keller; 9. Bolster; 10. 5th

  3. Thomas Bolster says:

    1. Beasley; 2. Agoos; 3. Keller; 4. Donovan; 5. Adu; 6. Stewart; 7. Reyna; 8. Jones; 9. Richard Webb; 10. 7th

  4. backpost says:

    From Mike G (via email) : 1. Beasley 2. Agoos 3. Friedel 4. Jones 5. Adu 6. Stewart 7. Lalas 8. Jones 9. Keough 10. 4

  5. abesarmy says:

    1. Beasley
    2. Agoos
    3. Meola
    4. Cobi Jones
    5. Altidore
    6. Earnie Stewart
    7. Claudio Reyna
    8. Cobi Jones
    9. Joe Gatjen (wrong world cup, I know, but it’s a name at least)
    10. 7? In run-up to 2006 world cup.

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