Prison Mike’s USMNT Pop Quiz: The Answers

Thanks for playing, everyone. Judging by the results, you’re a very honest group who stuck to the no-Googling rule: the average score clocked in at below 50%. But more on the results later; here are the answers:

1. Who has more caps, DaMarcus Beasley or Brian McBride?

Beasley. He’s 10 years younger than McBride, but has 97 caps (and counting?) to the Fulham legend’s 95.

2. Who has more caps, Jeff Agoos or Alexi Lalas?

Goose. With 134 U.S. appearances, he’s third on the alltime list. Lalas has 96.

3. Who has the most caps by a goalkeeper?

Kasey Keller, with 102. Many of  you guessed Tony Meola, who has 100. (Brad Friedel has 82, Tim Howard 81.)

4. Who has the  most caps, period?

Cobi Jones. Most people guessed Landon Donovan (he’s second with 144). How soon we forget the speedy, dreadlocked and underrated former LA Galaxy winger, who had 164 appearances for the Stars and Stripes.

5. Who is the youngest player ever to earn a cap?

Freddy Adu. Almost everyone guessed correctly on this one. He was 16 years, 234 days old when he was called up for a friendly against Canada in 2006.

The two runners-up here are Mike Slivinski and Mark Jones, both of whom were called up for a 1991 friendly against Jamaica, at 16 years, 318 days, and 16 years, 332 days, respectively. Someone needs to do a “Where are they now?” on that duo. Behind them on the list are current MLSers Bobby Convey (Kansas City) and Eddie Gaven (Columbus), who were both 17 and change when they debuted for the U.S.

6. Of the following, who has the most points (goals and assists) for the USMNT—Tab Ramos, Earnie Stewart, Carlos Bocanegra, DaMarcus Beasley, or Clint Mathis?

Mr. Beasley again. The guy is as underrated as Cobi Jones. He has 47 points (7th alltime) in 97 appearances. Stewart—the most popular guess—is next with 44 points (in 101 caps).

7. Who has more goals, Claudio Reyna or Alexi Lalas?

Some of you correctly guessed that this was something of a trick question, as the defender Lalas has more goals (9) than the playmaking midfielder Reyna (8).

8. Who got called up first, Cobi Jones or Kasey Keller?

Keller. Got his first cap in 1990; Jones debuted in ’92.

9. I scored three goals against Paraguay in the 1930 World Cup, a performance officially credited by FIFA as the first hat-trick in World Cup history. I was born, raised, and died in Fall River, Mass. Who am I?

Bert Patenaude, who scored 114 goals in 158 games from 1928 to ’31 in the original American Soccer League, which was at the time an international-caliber circuit.

Read about him here, here, and here. It might inspire you to pick up one of these.

10. What is the highest FIFA world ranking the team has ever achieved?

Fourth, in April 2006. Of course the current FIFA rankings have England third, so … consider the source.

And the winner is … Mike G, who hails from a leafy village on Long Island and bears a resemblance to former USMNT winger Steve Ralston:

Mike got six of 10 right, including the team’s highest ranking. Thanks for playing, and thanks to Prison Mike for organizing.


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