BPFL Week 8 Wrap: MLS—Yes, MLS!—Distracts Co-Commissioner Before Vital Match

Co-Commissioner Our Man at the Valley has your Week 8 BPFL recap, and … well, let’s let him tell it:

Even though I’ve been writing for this blog for more than a year now (‘employed’ isn’t really the right word since the site’s editor has yet to mail the magazines from his day job that I’ve requested as payment), I’m still not a big fan of Major League Soccer.

When my hometown Colorado Rapids were making a run to the MLS title in 2010, I was happy to go to the stadium or the local pub to support them. Now my visits to Dick’s Sporting Goods Park are generally to play on one of the outlying pitches in a league reserved for slow old people with no discernible soccer skills.

Still, when the Backpost editor and a mutual friend created a Backpost league in the MLS equivalent to the FPL, I reluctantly joined as a show of support. In March, I based my initial roster on a combination of an affinity for Omar Cummings and a Backpost piece highlighting the US under-23 squad that was about to participate in Olympic qualifying.  The operative phrase there is “was about to participate”; they all missed the first three weeks of the season and many were only slowly included in their club teams after that.

Thus, I was quickly 0-0-6 and bottom of the Backpost league. This was about the time that the 2011-2012 EPL season ended and, with some additional time on my hands, I played my wildcard early and rebuilt my MLS team. Since then I’ve won 23 out of 24 matches and have clinched the league title. More impressively, I am one of 128 remaining teams in the MLS Fantasy Cup, having won nine straight Cup matches.

Twice I was certain to be eliminated.  I was saved two Gameweeks ago by my then captain, Thierry Henry, who put up a goal and three assists to help me overcome a 33 point deficit.  One Gameweek ago, playing against a local woman who is a frontrunner in a Rapids’ supporters league sponsored by the local pub I frequent, I actually was eliminated, by five points. Then the site took away a Chris Wondolowski assist and I had scraped through by a single point.

This Gameweek I transferred in a guy I had never heard of because Seattle had two matches. I made him my captain and his 24 points ensured victory and a spot in the round of 128.  Thank you, Mauro Rosales. [Just FYI: Rosales has 10 caps for Argentina’s full national team, and has enjoyed success at both Ajax and River Plate in his career. He’s only 31, and he has 13 assists this season in OMATV’s new favorite league.—Ed.]

This is all really a long-winded way of telling you that I lost my BFPL match this week to my co-commissioner, Old27M, because I wasn’t paying attention.

Here are some excerpts from Old27M’s post-match press conference:

Jim White [SkySports]: How did you feel going into this match?

“Well Jim, it was tough preparation because usually the Numpties are a difficult opponent. I had two transfers but was short money and to bring in the players I wanted I needed to make more than the 2 changes. I ended up making 4.”

Phil McNulty [BBC Sport]: That would start you off at -8 points. Did you really feel you could give him such a big lead?

“Normally I wouldn’t have done that, Phil, but having already beaten his brother, the Colorado Keeper, I was pretty confident. My team is playing well and Kevin Nolan is having another great season back in the Prem. So spotting the Numpties 8 points didn’t really concern me. I am sure they are more disgruntled than ever now! “ [Laughs]

Spoony [606]: I heard you have been approached by other clubs. Any truth to that?

“A woman in Colorado recently inquired if I was willing to help out with her MLS fantasy team, but I am fully committed to Old27m.”

Old27M is now in first place in our league. A couple of teams had victory snatched from the head of Demba Ba, as the Newcastle striker scored an own goal that cost Nearpost and Coloradokeeper two vital points.

Whew! That was a rollercoaster of emotion. Thanks OMATV. Don’t forget to set your teams this week, and good luck in Week 9.


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